Holidays coming to an end….time for work again (sigh)


Well…it sure has been good while it has lasted! My two week vacation from work is coming to an end.

Every morning, hubs, little man and I get to cuddle in bed and watch cartoons.

When Monday rolls around and I have to get out of bed at a particular time and actually LEAVE the house….that is when the tears will ensue. I pray that time will go by VERY slowly between now and then.

Christmas was so much fun. Monkey is at a fun age. He loves Santa…in pictures, on TV and the blowup in our backyard; HOWEVER….the real Santa was a different story. I thought the Santa visit would go smoothly, seeing as he has talked about him non-stop for the past 3 weeks. Boy was I wrong!

I couldn’t help but just stand back and laugh. I know that probably wasn’t the best parenting, BUT I just couldn’t help myself!

Hope you all have a great New Year! One of my resolutions is to blog more….I promise!


About talesofanormalgirl

I am just a "normal" girl from Texas. I have a wonderful family, hubs (married in 08), son (born in 09) and daughter (born in 11) and another daughter (born in 14). I am an Assistant Principal at a local high school and in my spare time I love to write. I also say I will write more when more time is available. Well, time is starting to become more available. I hope you enjoy.

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