Well…so I thought


 I am going to start this with a disclaimer….this post was not written with the intention of getting pity comments. This is just a girl being honest with herself!

THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS LAST NIGHT ON THE WAY HOME FROM CLASS: The more I attend my graduate classes for principal certification, the more I realize that I do not fall into the category of an “excellent teacher.” I often times do not have EVERYTHING ready for class at the beginning. There are many times when my objectives are not clearly defined on the board. What I do know is that my kids GET IT. Their test scores reflect it and at the end of the year I can look back and reflect…whew, that was a tough one, BUT we made it.

MY THOUGHTS AS OF THIS MORNING: I am okay with being what the text calls “mediocre.” I stress too much on being a textbook excellent teacher. Working in a small district, I wear many hats. I would literally go insane if I had to be excellent in all that I do. I have come to this conclusion and I am OKAY with it. I would much rather be a mediocre (according to textbook) teacher than a mediocre mom.

To be an excellent teacher, I would have to spend hours at school perfecting my lesson plans, making sure all ducks are in a row, all objectives are clearly stated on the board, creating a plan that encompassed all 50 minutes of each period. I would rather know that what I am teaching is solid, although it may not be posted on the board. I would rather see the understanding in my kids eyes and on their tests, than stress about what my lesson book looks like.

By coming to this conclusion, I have realized I may be a mediocre teacher BUT I am an excellent wife and mother. My husband and my son know that I will be home to take care of them at the end of the day. There is a hot meal on the table, a warm bath drawn at night and mom is not too tired to play,love and enjoy our time together.

It is all about choices. Some may not agree with mine, but I have to realize that that is okay! I love my life and I know looking back years from now, my family will not have suffered.



About talesofanormalgirl

I am just a "normal" girl from Texas. I have a wonderful family, hubs (married in 08), son (born in 09) and daughter (born in 11) and another daughter (born in 14). I am an Assistant Principal at a local high school and in my spare time I love to write. I also say I will write more when more time is available. Well, time is starting to become more available. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Sounds like your priorities are in the RIGHT order. That’s not to say that your students are not a priority…clearly, they are, the results show they are getting a great education by being in your class. Ultimately, if you are bit ill prepared or disorganized…so what. Are they suffering from it? No? Missing out on important information? Does not sound like it. So why cause your family to miss out on important things like your time, love and interaction to provide students with what…more organized learning? They are already getting a great education regardless of the delivery, organization etc. 🙂 If it “ain’t” broke, why fix it? (please note: I do not use the word “ain’t” 🙂 lol)

    Good job Mom for having your priorities in line! 🙂

  2. I think you have all your priorities just as they should be. Many disagree with me when I say, and have said, you cant be the BEST at both. I have friends who have successful careers, but have little time at home. There is a trade off, keep your eyes on the prize dear,…that is your family. There is no greater blessing and reward than to have a wonderful family!
    Blessings in Christ,

  3. OH, Ammie, this hit home so much with me. It is so hard to choose where to spend your time & energy – you are right to put your fam first. It seems like the world is always pulling us moms in all different directions – I have struggled with this too and am stepping back a bit from my ‘stuff’ too – my son will only be 5 once. How sad for me to miss that because I am busy trying to be perfect at something else… Just wanted to say I feel ya!

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