Whew….it’s been awhile


I despise the fact that it has been so long since I have posted. I have recently finished my grad classes, work is over for the year on Friday, and I am almost done with this pregnancy thing. I am so ready for the summer to begin!

With my spare time…uhhh yeah right…I plan on:

  • more projects for NormalGirlArt  www.normalgirlart.com
  • spending LOTS of time with J, Jax and Maddox
  • completing a summer course online
  • and preparing for my new adventure of 5th graders

I did get offered a job at the elementary and I took it. Ever since last summer, I have literally been praying for a position to open at the elementary. When it did become available, I said yes. I will be working with an awesome 5th grade team and learning the ropes at the elementary. I am stoked! I feel that the Lord led me in this direction and I will do my best to succeed.

The remodel on our downstairs is almost complete. I am anxiously waiting on it to be done so that I can get my room painted for Maddox. I am soooo ready to decorate a nursery. EXCITING!!!!

Other than that, nothing else has been overly exciting.

I will keep you all posted and hopefully not have so much time-lapse between entries. My internet should be up and running soon so I can log on at home.



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