Creative activity for a sick little one.


So Monkey was sick and I had to stay home for a second day. We were getting a bit stir crazy so we got creative. I remembered making crayon chunks when I was a kid so we gave it a shot. The result was great. I think his words were “so cool Mom”

Step One: Cut off all the paper from crayons and snap in pieces.

Step Two: Spray a muffin tin with vegetable spray and place broken crayons in cups

Step three: Put muffin pan in oven, preheated to 275°, for approximately 10 minutes

Step Four: Place in fridge for about 20 minutes to harden. I stirred the wax right out of the oven to create the swirl effect.

Step Five: turn pan over to dump chunks out and enjoy!

What creative crafts or activities do you do when your little one is sick at home or stuck indoors due to bad weather? Share!!!





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  1. That looked so easy…I’m doing that this weekend with the kids! I love the getting back to the basics and finding creative things to do at home instead of buying all kinds of random things at Hobby Lobby for a project then never using it again. Great idea!

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