You don’t have to break the scale to enjoy…


It’s holiday season…which means an endless season of eating. If done in moderation, and making good choices most of the time, the season can be celebrated without breaking the scale.

Here are some pointers that I have found works well.

First – don’t deprive yourself of the treats offered – WIth that said, don’t have one of everything either. Look for moderation. Eat small portions of your food and taste samples of the dessert. I have found that if I deprive myself of goodies, then I end up bingeing because I can’t resist the temptation any longer.

Second – Don’t forget the H2O – Stay hydrated throughout the holiday season. Egg nog, hot totties and other adult beverages not only dehydrate you, but they are also empty calories, which can add up rather quickly. After every drink and before every meal, drink a large glass of water. You will stay hydrated and reduce the amount of calories you may consume at a meal.

Third – Make wise choices  – Many of us can’t wait for the holiday season because it is the only time of the year that Aunt Edna makes her world famous green bean casserole, or Grandma spends all day in the kitchen baking her delicious pies…that doesn’t mean that you have to partake in everything. Choose your selections wisely. Instead of piling your plate up the first round, break up holiday feasts into smaller meals. That way you enjoy the meal all day long.

Fourth – get up and move – Who says you have to veg out on the couch and watch football on TV all day during the holidays? Get your family and friends and start-up your own game of touch football outside. If it’s a snowy holiday season, go sledding. Find ways to burn off those excess calories.

Listed below are some links to yummy healthy choices for holiday dishes.

Baby Mint carrots

Fruit kabob with lemon lime dip 

Spinach lasagna

Lemon custards with fresh blueberries

What are ways that you enjoy the holidays without breaking the scale? Please comment below.


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I am just a "normal" girl from Texas. I have a wonderful family, hubs (married in 08), son (born in 09) and daughter (born in 11) and another daughter (born in 14). I am an Assistant Principal at a local high school and in my spare time I love to write. I also say I will write more when more time is available. Well, time is starting to become more available. I hope you enjoy.

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