Spaghetti squash…alternative to pasta


So I have heard about spaghetti squash but I had never actually seen it…until I went to HEB and saw a tasty sample kiosk featuring it. I thought what the heck…I’m always up for trying something different.
So tonight was the night to try it and it was REALLY good. I am blessed with a husband who will try anything I cook at least once…he ended up liking it! I promised I wouldn’t completely replace pasta but he was pleased with the outcome.
I was really pleased with how easy it was!

Step one: slice the squash length wise and scope out the seeds and stringy mess in the middle (like a pumpkin)


Step two: brush with olive oil and bake at 350 for 40 mins.

Step three: carefully (it’s hot) use a fork to scrape the meat from the shell…creating the noodle like contents


Step four: add contents to complete meal…tonight we had marinara with black olive and artichoke hearts topped with baked salmon = amazing!!!


A typical serving of whole wheat pasta is about 210 calories…a serving of spaghetti squash is 45 calories!

What is your favorite meal that is low cal?


Let me hear from you...

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