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Those of you that follow my Tweets may have noticed my comments about a HBO documentary I am currently watching, The Weight of a Nation. I am in the first of 5 episodes and a fire has been lit. The statistics are atrocious and I want to do more to help this fast growing epidemic of obesity.
18% of children in the United States are overweight
68.8% of Americans are overweight or obese

Those of you who are not overweight, please don’t think that we are not in this problem together. Your health insurance premiums will increase and medical costs will skyrocket.

As a mom, I feel that I need to do my part in making sure my children do not become a statistic. I am chicken nugget and fish stick guilty. Knowing that fat is good for my kids’ brain development; however they will soon be moved to healthier options. The problem lies in what they are already accustom to. I know this process will be difficult at first, but I will need to persist and be patient….and creative.

As an Advocare distributor, my friends and family see that I care about my health and fitness. I share these products and the results.

One thing is for sure….my kids are active! We rarely just sit around and watch TV. There is lots of basketball, running, golf and swimming occurring in our household.

My dilemma lies outside my home. What can a normal girl do to reach more people and impact more lives? I try and set the best example for my students, only healthy snacks allowed in my classroom. Well, that is a start!

My heart longs for more! This is a topic I am praying about, meditating on, and will hopefully find my answer.

What do you do to make your mark on the health of our youth and the weight of our nation?


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  1. Aimee, I feel one thing people leave out is some people have actual conditions that cause their obecity. As a child I was active played football, basketball and baseball. I lived outside and my mom made me eat carrots instead of cookies. But I still was an overweight child and an adult. I realize a large majority of the statistics you mentioned include children of parents who don’t care! But in all the rhetoric on childhood obecity I have heard nothing about helping children who have actual problems with weight not just because they can’t put down the cookies!

    • I completely agree. There are medications and conditions that lend a hand in laying the road to obesity.

      More often than not; however, are the parents, like you mentioned that don’t care or don’t want to see that there is a problem.

      If we can help those get educated, hopefully the medical community will offer help to the others that medicine and science are working against.

      Thank you for commenting and making that point. Very true!

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