It has happened to all of us…what are you going to do about it is the question?


It has happened to every single one of us. We do something, not realizing the consequences and it totally backfires in our faces.

Recently, this has happened to me. A joke, which I thought at the time harmless, completely took a direction for bad town. What was I to do? A person, who’s feelings and opinions I took seriously was hurt, amidst a peril of other interesting situations. Now, I am not going to go into any detail; except for the fact that I hurt a friend and I needed to learn from it.

Isn’t that what mistakes are for….learning from them and becoming better people?

Because of this situation, I felt that the Universe was trying to teach me a deep lesson. All evening I couldn’t shake the idea of my friend upset because of something I did. Some stupid choice I made.

This really got me thinking. It is amazing how things can change drastically because of a choice…a decision…whether good or bad, right or wrong.

There is only so much you can do when one is hurt, mad, disappointed. Apologize sincerely, give them time, and show in actions the right way. Trust and relationships are not to be taken for granted. Forgiveness is something to cherish.

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements said, “Forgiveness is the only way to heal.”

Forgiveness of yourself and others.


About talesofanormalgirl

I am just a "normal" girl from Texas. I have a wonderful family, hubs (married in 08), son (born in 09) and daughter (born in 11) and another daughter (born in 14). I am an Assistant Principal at a local high school and in my spare time I love to write. I also say I will write more when more time is available. Well, time is starting to become more available. I hope you enjoy.

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