It’s not me…it’s you.



Dear Facebook,

I feel that our time together is getting bothersome and irritating. It’s not me…it’s you. I am exhausted with the many ads, likes and CRAP! I really do not care if my “friend” likes a particular shoe brand…fastfood chain…or Bible verse of the day. I am done seeing the latest gripe about someone’s parents, spouse, child,  day, etc…

I plan on keeping you around for a bit…using you, if you will. I need to for the simple fact that I would like my pictures to still be accessible. Also, I plan on using you a bit more so that I have people’s contact info if needed. I however, will not be posting anymore status updates, on purpose that it. Some of my other apps may post. I know that this may cause you to miss me but it is just better this way.

For all of our mutual friends….you can reach me at my Twitter account @normalgirltales    or instagram – ammiehill   or email –


Please do not send me emails, I am done with our relationship! You have been erased from my apps and my desktop. I hope you understand!





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