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There is no such thing as destiny….


There is no such thing as destiny.

Life really is what you make it.

Truthbomb #409

In life, you must learn to love  yourself as much as you love others.                                                                         

I literally have this conversation about 100 times a week. As an assistant principal, I talk to young adults on a daily basis. Most conversations revolve around the fact that a bad judgement occurred….gossip, cheating, disrespect, fighting, etc. The root of ALL the conversations is….what are YOU doing that is right? Are YOU making smart choices? Most of the times they realize that they are in deed making bad choices. I always end the conversation with, “you are not a bad kid, you are just making bad choices. I love you and start making wise choices.” I usually get an “OK Mrs.” or “I’ll do better”. It’s the days when I get an “I love you too Mrs.” or a “thank you” and a hug….those are the days that I know I have made a difference.

Looking at my own life and reflecting, I don’t always make the right choices. I try to take my own advice. I really don’t believe in destiny, I do believe that I am responsible for my actions and the repercussions of what I do. Albeit macabre, I often think about what do I want said at my funeral. I, of course  want to be known as a good wife and mom, but more importantly, I want to be known as someone who made a difference in the lives I encountered. I do my best to treat people like I want to be treated. I raise my children with the idea of being good. I believe in karma. I know that some of the choices I have made will come back and bite me. I have to accept that and try to do better. Love is in my heart. I show it to many people in different ways. Offering help when one needs it, listening to a friend, being kind when others are not, accepting of those that are different.

Buddha said, “However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do if you do not act upon them?” Don’t just talk a big game….act it out. How do you act it out in your life?


I am better off without you


I am not at all saying that there is nothing positive in my life. I am surrounded by it.  However, I am also exhausted with the negative parts in my life. Negative actions, negative words, and negative attitudes (mine definitely included). Therefore, I am on a quest to banish them forever.  Negativity….I am better off without you!

My sense of self will be the hardest to conquer. I have a great facade going on. I pretend that I am content with myself, but that would be an injustice. That would allude to the fact that I am done growing (physically, spiritually, and emotionally). There is always room for improvement and growth.

The negative, judgmental part of my being has to go away also. I try to be very unbiased and non-judgmental, however, human nature and inherent sin make it so easy. This is a part that needs constant attention.

Another difficulty will be people’s perception of the new real me I am so desperately needing to find. My activities will change. My outlook on myself and others will change and my perception of the world will change. I am hoping and praying that this will all be viewed as positive, however, there is no one that I need approval from except God and myself.

So…here’s to a new ME….better lifestyle, healthier living, positive attitude, non-judgmental and happier. If you see me and I am not doing this…call me out nicely. Accountability in numbers.

love peace happiness


Take the time to just breathe


Life is so full…well, mine is anyhow.  I am learning how to not put too much on my plate, but I continually struggle with this.

I am a wife to a coach, we have two toddler children, full-time job, blogger, free-lance writer, friend, daughter…the list goes on.

This past week I came down with the flu and I had to learn to just be content with lying there…and trying to breathe.

My inner self was saying, YOU NEED TO GET UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY WOMAN! and my body was saying PLEASE JUST RELAX.

When it came down to it, I sided with my body…at least for a day or two.

Life teaches us lessons everyday if you just let it. I now understand that the world will not crumble if the dishes are not done, kids are not bathed that night or dinner is take out instead of home cooked.

What does matter is that I take notice of life occurences that are happening all around. Don’t take the sunlight and its warmth for granted. Enjoy every giggle and every tear your  child makes. The kiss of your spouse is magical. A friendly hello is always welcoming. The smell of coffee (and wine) is enticing!

Life is good…it’s all about how you perceive it.


Massage Therapy During Cancer: Empowering Wellness – by guest blogger, Melanie L. Bowen


Nearly twelve million Americans are battling cancer at any given time, according to American Cancer Society statistics. Many of these individuals have bravely fought their disease for several years, through diagnosis, treatment, remission and relapse.

Cancer treatments are harsh. They load bodies with heavy toxins and unforgiving side effects. During the most stressful times of cancer, massage therapy can be a godsend.

Massage as Complementary Therapy

Many medical professionals recommend massage therapy as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. Without a doubt, therapeutic bodywork can greatly benefit these patients and their loved ones. While massage is not a cure-all for cancer or a stand-alone treatment, it can serve as nurturing healthcare in most cancer treatment plans.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapies and other treatments place a heavy burden on the body. Conventional treatments are successful because they aggressively target cancer cells and kill them before they can spread. This is a good thing. However, cancer treatments often cause debilitating side effects that are difficult to live with, and this is not so good. For many patients, the side effects of cancer treatment are worse than the cancer symptoms and pain.

Massage therapy does much to eliminate toxic chemicals, alleviate pain, reduce stress and minimize treatment symptoms. This often results in improved circulation, decreased blood pressure and reduced nausea and fatigue.

Swedish massage, reflexology and other relaxation techniques are the best ones to use during cancer treatment. When the treatment program ends, patients may consider lymph drainage, myotherapy, neuromuscular therapy and other trigger point techniques.

Anyone battling cancer can benefit from massage, whether they have metastatic breast cancer, mesothelioma or another form of the disease. Bodywork is possible even for hospitalized patients. Cranial-sacral therapy, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are calming ways to cope with a hospital stay. The gentle touch provides comfort and reassurance during crucial moments in the cancer experience.

Massage as Empowerment

Talking to a doctor and massage therapist is the best place to start massage therapy. Physical manipulation can worsen some conditions, so discussing massage with a cancer doctor is important. Talking with a therapist about the disease and its treatment ensures that bodywork techniques are adapted to meet individual needs.

Massage is a healing therapy that empowers wellness. Cancer patients whose treatment plans include massage enjoy numerous health benefits. A caring touch can alleviate pain, nausea, stress, anxiety, anger, depression and all the other feelings and emotions that cancer evokes.

Regular massage therapy improves many body functions, from circulation and breathing to digestion and sleep. It also boosts the immune system, so the body can fight cancer growth and infection.

The calming experience of massage relaxes the body and mind. This relaxation improves mood, well-being and outlook. During a time when cancer seems to control everything, massage therapy empowers patients and gives them a better quality of life.

Thank you Melanie for your contribution

Learning how to just stop


Just learning how to stop is so difficult. Being a mom, wife-coach’s wife at that, teacher, friend and human…well that puts a lot on your plate.

At the beginning of my last yoga class, Jenna-awesome instructor- had us meditate. It consisted of breathing and being still for eternity maybe three minutes. It was so difficult for me to clear my mind and just be. I realized that this is one area of yoga I need to work on. I got up dog dammit why can’t I just be still!

My intention for the week is to just sit and be still. Work on clearing my mind and enjoy just the ability to breath.

Share what is the hardest thing for you to do daily? I can’t wait to hear!!!

Beautiful things are all around.


Lately I have been trying my best to sit back and just observe life that is all around me. It is so easy to see the bad and negative, the hard part is seeing the beautiful things in life. There are so many beautiful things  and noticing them is what I have decided to do. Here are a few that make my heart full.

  • sun rises….at first I thought “how cliché” but they truly are beautiful. I feel that they symbolize a new start.  If the day/night before was not so good, the rise of the morning sun is a new start…a new beginning
  • my husband’s passion for life
  • my son’s excitement over the “normal” stuff we as adults take for granted
  • the look on my daughter’s face when she sees me first thing in the morning…that is unconditional true love
  • great discussion with amazing friends…and wine!
  • my mother
  • when the perfect song comes on at the right moment…a soundtrack to life
  • my sister in law’s heart. She is one of the strongest most beautiful souls I have ever met
  • savasana…my most favorite and needed pose

What are the beautiful things that surround you?

Call me crazy…


I am always on the lookout for a better way of eating and fitness. Recently as many of you know I have found my niche in yoga. It truly makes me feel incredible every time I complete a practice. I find myself thinking about it, talking about it and reading about it ALL the time. (see previous posts) now I wish I could find the time to actually do it everyday.
Although I am feeling better with yoga, I am not feeling energized like I should. I am not dropping the ole LBS like I should…something needed to change.
Recently a friend of ours shared with us that he lost 30 lbs. and feels the best he has felt in a long long time. He has changed his eating style to completely vegan. Hmmmm… That got my wheels turning. I was vegetarian for 2 years in the past and that was great. Still not sure why I ever went back. Anyway… I like dairy but I’m not married to it. I could totally give up eggs. So call me crazy if you want but momma is going vegan.
I know this transformation may take a while as I learn what is and is not acceptable but I am so excited about all the amazing recipes I have found and the incredible health benefits that are headed in my direction. Check out this incredible article listing 57 reasons to become vegan. It blew my mind
I hope to share with you my journey. I hope that those in my immediate circle are accepting and understanding. This does not mean that i will stop shaving my arm pits or criticize you for your choices. This is about me. My hubs is incredibly supportive. I believe his words were ” you make it. I’ll eat it” sweet. Thanks babe!!!

So here’s to a new journey!

Any other vegans/vegetarians out there?



I finally found it!


I have finally found my ujjayi breath. Ujjayi breathing is a breathing technique used in yoga to help encompass the body and mind while moving through asanas, or poses.

 I have been to several yoga classes and I just was not getting what I needed to get out of the hour and a half that I was there….until yesterday. I finally discovered yoga…its all in your breath. The rhythmic wave of sound that ujjayi breathing creates is not only mesmerizing but quite essential to yoga. I felt a bit out-of-place when I first tried it, but after experiencing the most incredible breather at Monday’s class(I know it sounds weird but it is truly incredible), I tried it again yesterday and man…..I have been missing out!

With my throat closed off in the back and the breath entering and exiting through my nose, I created not only a sound that resembled an ocean within me, but I also created a fire inside my body. Literally within moments I was sweating from my breathing. I have done yoga in the 85° room and sweat occurred, but nothing to this caliber.

I can’t wait to experience more. I am hooked!  ~Namaste

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.  – Patanjali

If I am losing balance in a pose, I stretch higher and God reaches down to steady me. It works every time and not just in yoga. – T. Guillemets