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It’s time to get ready…are you ready???


Are you ready for the summer? It is right around the corner. Shorts, tanks and bathing suits are in your future. Are you ready?

If your answer is no…I can help. Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge is affordable, effective and with my help – VERY user-friendly. I can’t wait to help!!!!

Advocare has launched a new website (click here) to help those with the challenge. It is very user-friendly. The phases ae broken down with helpful instructions and tips.

I can help you or your loved ones achieve the weight loss and energy level you desire.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact me for details:


Join the next challenge!


Please pass along to anyone who may be interested!!!!

October 22nd is the day that will change your life! That is the first day

of the 24 Day “I’m going to be a brand new me by  Thanksgiving” Challenge! *

*Did you know the average Thanksgiving turkey weighs 6-8 lbs???    I say,
let’s strive to lose that and more in this challenge.

**A $50 cash prize and 2 bottles of OmegaPlex will be awarded to the person with the highest percentage of weight loss

**A $50 cash prize and 2 bottles of OmegaPlex will be awarded to the person
with the highest number of inches lost****MUST have a total of 10 participants in order to award prizes…call your
family, friends, neighbors, strangers…whom ever!!!
In case of a tie, a random drawing will award the winner.
IF the number of participants doubles….so do the awards winnings!!!!!
Contact me today! Previous challenge participants and distributors are more
than welcome to join again!If there are questions…message me…comment…or check out my webpage here..contact me!May the biggest loser win!!!!

*Orders must be placed by Friday, October 19th (recommended 2 day shipping)

In order to receive product in time to begin on Monday, October 22nd. Any
orders placed AFTER October 19th can still participate, as long as product
is OVERNIGHTED and you receive it in time for the October 22nd start date!
Email your before and after photo, starting weight and starting inches
(waist, hips, chest, neck, upper arm, thighs and shoulders) to
ammiehill@gmail.com NO LATER THAN Sunday, October 21st at midnight!
WE MUST HAVE 10 participants in order to award prizes, so invite your friends! *