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It doesnt take long and it’s so worth it!!!!


In the past month, our household have made the following products:

– Deodorant

– Body wash

– Body lotion

– Dishwashing detergent

– Laundry detergent


Next in line is baby wash and baby lotion.

The process takes a bit of time BUT the outcome is WELL worth it. My family loves the products and our well being is getting stronger one application at a time.


What products do you make at home?????


Peace, love and chemical free




The hubs has been referring to me as his hippy wife lately. Why you ask? I guess because I have started making my own skin products. In my quest to become chemical free in our daily life…or as close as I can, I have researched online and asked around for some recipes that are easy and clean. The more I read and research, the more grossed out I get with all the gunk in products I use daily, on myself and my kids. The hubs is a great sport, but a slow convert. I inform but don’t pressure him into totally conversion!

My quest so far has included eliminating my household cleaning products that contain chemicals and only use all natural. My product of choice currently is Thieves household cleaner  by YoungLiving. I use it in every room for every cleaning purpose. I even use it to wash my fruits and veggies…that is how safe this product is.

As many of you already know, I have taken myself and the kiddos off all OTC meds. I use a combination of essential oils and TLC to combat whatever ailment they are encountering. Fingers crossed and prayers said, my children are and have been pretty darn healthy! I attribute that to allowing them to only drink water, occasionally a juice but they truly are not fans, and a wide variety of healthy food options.

Now to my current endeavors. This week I have made lotion from scratch and deodorant.


I love the lotion recipe I chose. I use the one I found on WellnessMama blog, which happens to be one of my new favorite blogs. She has soooooo many homemade natural recipes to tryout.

This lotion recipe –> click HERE, is super simple, smells delicious and works great. I plan on making different variations and trying them out.


As far as the deodorant recipe goes, I just made it today and am trying it out. I will keep you posted. My cousin and his wife swear by it and heck,  I am will to try it.

This particular deodorant recipe –> click HERE, was found on the CrunchyBetty blog, which just happens to be another awesome blog with natural homemade recipes.


Time will tell and I will definitely fill you all in. Next on my list is homemade laundry detergent.

I can’t wait to hear your questions and/or comments. Please don’t hesitate!!!






Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration. 

I came across this quote and it rings so true to me.


It happens so fast. Without proper care…or with over caring, flowers wilt. They just do. Something so beautiful can go away so quickly. Maybe it was their time…or maybe with more care they will return. It is out of your hands. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of flowers while they are in full blossom.


Tuesday tip- more than one use


Thanks to one of my girlfriend’s suggestions, I have been razor bump free for the majority of the summer and saved money on products!!! That’s an awesome double whammy right there!

Tip for today is two fold and sorry gents mostly for the ladies, unless you are like my hubs and shaves as much as I do.

In the shower, put away those expensive shaving creams and use the conditioner you can find on sale. Smells yummy and cheap!

After the shower…dry off good and apply a bar deodorant to the shaved bikini area…no razor bumps!

I (and the hubs) end the process with my homemade cocoa butter lotion. Smooth and polished!

Comment on my blog for a chance to win a jar of my homemade cocoa butter lotion! Making a new batch soon!

The power of touch


A hug, a squeeze on the shoulder, the depth of a massage, the firm grip of a handshake. All of these have the commonality of touch. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how so very important touch is.

It was at the beginning of my massage today, Jenna, the massage therapist, came in and as she began she did something very simple, she placed her hands on my head and they just stayed there for a bit. It was as if I was instantly relaxed. Stress left my body and I was ready for the actual massage. I don’t know a lot about the art of massage but I do know that whatever she did was beautiful. A feeling that is hard to describe.

I always said that sight was my favorite of the five senses. After today, I would say that touch is definitely number 1.

What ways can you, in your everyday routine, enjoy the beauty of touch?