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It’s becoming an obsession…





Hi my name is Ammie and I am addicted to all things vampire. Yes, I have read all the Twilight series…umm some more than once. I seek out Sunday nights…True Blood of course. And currently, my latest obsession is the House of Night Series. I just finish book 8 in less than 2.5 months. I have to admit…the HoN series is better in my opinion than 50 Shades.

I don’t know what it is about them that make it all so appealing. Trust me when I say that twinkling skin, super fast running and pale skin does NOT entice me.

I would have to say that the love stories (and wow…does the House of Night have love stories) involved within each of these series definitely are intriguing. The heroic studdly/beautiful vamps swoops in…hehe….. And depending on the series…saves the lady/friend/man/etc….

So now….my debate do I stop at book 8 and start something or continuing hmmm…feeding this obsession???

Nah….who am I kidding…book 9 is downloading now!


Attention readers…


New blog alert…

I WILL still write on this blog but for all you readers out there, my cousin and I have started a new blog. We are reading a reviewing various books that strike our fancy! Check us out at

Confessions of Novel Junkies

Let me know what you think…I want to hear all about it!