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All in a weekend…


I absolutely LOVE spring in Texas…well, I could do without the onslaught of allergies. Other than that, days are warm, nights are cool and everything is in bloom. There is no more beautiful season in Texas than spring. With that…I had a beautiful weekend with many outdoor activities.

On Saturday, myself, my mom and a good friend of ours headed to Dallas to support a wonderful lady and her new business venture. Lola Verde had a booth at the 1st Annual Dallas Chic Fest and we had to check it out.  The products Becky creates are not only awesome but a portion of her proceeds go to help families dealing with loved ones that have cancer, a cause very near and dear to her heart. Here is her swanky booth: (I purchased the Dream which in on the far right…black with white butterflies)

After the show, I was craving (a pregnant lady can’t deny a craving, right???) a yogurt from YogurtLand…my new favorite sweet spot in FW. When in town, I try to make any excuse to head over to West 7th and score one!

After zooming home from Dallas, I dropped monkey off at Mimi’s, met the hubs at the house, dressed in a flash and headed BACK to FW for a great dinner with my cousin/bestie and her husband. We were all STARVING. After a grueling 45 min wait, our food arrived. The hubs was quite disappointed in his taco plate. I do believe the words…smallest taco ever crossed his lips.

All I could say was…at least there were 3 and not just one!

Dinner was great. Another awesome part of spring in TX is patio dining….It makes any meal better.

After dinner, we headed to a local hot spot to hang with some friends for a birthday soiree. It was so nice seeing everyone.

Although you can’t see it, I am sporting my new Dream tank from Lola Verde.

Of course Sunday was just as amazing as Saturday. Church, lunch and playtime with the family.

SO I am on the count down..4 more days until the next amazing weekend!

***What do you like to do on the weekends? Jam pack it full of activities or relax? ***


What an “Un”normal weekend!!!!


So….this weekend has been crazy from the start. On Friday, I had to get all my Stella & Dot jewelry ready for a fashion show I was doing on Saturday. (BTW, I also sell Stella & Dot jewelry, check it out www.stelladot.com/ammiehill) I was helping my girlfriend out who was hosting the show….check her out at www.lolaverde.com  Gorgeous shirts…she WILL be famous one day…I can feel it!

So Saturday was the fashion show….it was fantastic. So exciting. After the show, her special guests from Dallas Chic Fest invited me to be a part with my girlfriend. How exciting!  They also invited all her models to be a part of a fashion shot for LolaVerde next weekend….pinch me!!! Is this really happening? A good friend took pictures of the show so as soon as he posts them, I will share!

The craziest news of all….well, I have known about it longer than the weekend….I’m pregnant again. Very excited! Looks like I will be due in the middle of July. Will know more when I have my doctors appt. in a week and a half.