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Living in an instant world…


Anywhere at anytime anyone can log on to a multitude of sites and find answers to questions, order take out, check on movie times or check the weather in a different state. Life is so fast paced.

If I can find out all that information out at the click of a button, what can others find out about me?

Facebook makes me nervous with all the “checking in” and status updates. The new way the News feed is set up, my friend’s friend can tell if I am home, what status I am currently liking, or who I am with.

I am not saying that all technology is bad. In fact, I love the idea of laying in bed reading my ebook or catching up on the latest episode of Girls….which by the way is AMAZING!!!!

I like that I can post pics of my kiddos on instagram and that my family can keep track of them. I like that I can track my fitness and nutrition on MyFitnessPal.

Hell, I am a blog writer…of course I rely on technology. What I ask myself daily is, where is the limit? How much is too much technology?

With all that said, I often wish for simpler times but it is what it is….Are we letting our lives virtually fly by too fast?


It’s not me…it’s you.



Dear Facebook,

I feel that our time together is getting bothersome and irritating. It’s not me…it’s you. I am exhausted with the many ads, likes and CRAP! I really do not care if my “friend” likes a particular shoe brand…fastfood chain…or Bible verse of the day. I am done seeing the latest gripe about someone’s parents, spouse, child,  day, etc…

I plan on keeping you around for a bit…using you, if you will. I need to for the simple fact that I would like my pictures to still be accessible. Also, I plan on using you a bit more so that I have people’s contact info if needed. I however, will not be posting anymore status updates, on purpose that it. Some of my other apps may post. I know that this may cause you to miss me but it is just better this way.

For all of our mutual friends….you can reach me at my Twitter account @normalgirltales    or instagram – ammiehill   or email – ammiehill@gmail.com


Please do not send me emails, I am done with our relationship! You have been erased from my apps and my desktop. I hope you understand!