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Sweet relief for the….um…”girls”


DISCLAIMER: This post is about breastfeeding and I will use the word “nipple” more than once. You have official been warned.


If you have been following my blog then you know that sweet little Bitty is doing a number on “the girls” during feeding time. For any nursing mom, the first few weeks can be a bit harsh on the nipple. After many feedings that resulted in discomfort….let’s be honest, not all nursing session are pain free or comfortable…. I did some research and mixed together a nipple cream that is soothing and safe for babies.

If you are experiencing cracked, sore or bleeding nipples, here is the cream for you. Super easy and inexpensive. My high school english teacher always told me to give credit where credit is due…I found the recipe on the Elliott Homestead blog. 


4 TBSP of pure cocoa butter

2 TBSP olive oil

2 TBSP sweet almond oil

1 TBSP coconut oil

Melt down the oil and mix together. I personally use a small mason jar. Place oils in jar and set down in a boiling pan of water until all oils are melted down. Remove from heat, let cool a bit and stir in 3 drops of lavender. Place lid on jar and let solidify. Make sure you use 100% pure oils. I prefer Young Living. You can browse my website to look at the company and products.

After every nursing session and before pumping, apply nipple cream. I have noticed a huge difference in the comfort level.

I did it….I used the word nipple 5 times. That’s a Normal Girl record!

Happy nursing!