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Frustrated mother here


My sweet little monkey has been doing such a fantastic job with his potty training. We went shopping and lunch without an accident. He can be hanging around the house and make it to the potty every single time.

So why is it that when he goes to school 3 days a week he resorts back to diapers??? Because his teachers will not devote the 3 seconds it takes to ask him if he needs to potty! Seriously ladies he’s 2.5 years old. He may not tell you ever time. Sometimes he needs reminding. They even went so far as to tell us that they prefer we send him in diapers until he is fully potty trained….ummm don’t diapers nullify the point of potty training????

Urgh!!!! I have. I am not sure what to do…pull him out of school until he is totally potty trained? send him in undies with a spare set of clothes? or just send him in diapers??

What is your opinion fellow moms and dads?


As it comes to a close


It is 6am, I am starting the “wake up like you are going to work” phase. I should have started this feat a week ago. I kept justifying it with….but I was up with the baby. I realized this morning -she aint gonna start sleeping through the night by next week. So here I am, baby fed, coffee made, almost awake!

This summer has been so great. I have learned several things about being a stay at home mom of two this summer.

  1. I get to interact with my kiddos on various levels. – Jax enjoys watching a trillion episodes of Backyardigans everyday and Maddox enjoys being connected to the boob all day!
  2. It has been so ridiculously hot outside…therefore we play outside from 730 to 900am…if you are my neighbor and we have woken you up…Sorry but I have to get my kid some outside time and fresh air sometime during the day before he melts from the intense heat. Jax could go outside and play in the 100+ degree weather all day, but momma can’t.
  3. Just when you are ready to get a project started or just sit down to breath….either the baby starts crying for food or diaper change OR your two-year has an upset stomach and vomits hour digested milk all over you and the floor —> BTW this event will guarantee the baby to cry and want your undivided attention.
  4. I have NO me time. How do stay at home moms find time to do anything? Everyone keeps telling me “sleep when the baby sleeps” UMMM yeah right, these people do not realize that an active toddler doesn’t sleep that much. When I finally get Jax down, I have to do laundry, sweep, mom, shower, dishes, my homework. Just as I relax and close my eyes, the baby is up and ready to eat. Ok, baby fed and down…commence relaxation time….nope, Jax is up. Oh well, I can function on very little sleep. This is when I got creative. “oh honey you want to watch Backyardagians for the 1,345,745 time today, no problem….come lay on the couch with mommy and cuddle” (and that is when I sleep for approximately 26 minutes until I am woken up with fingers in my eyes telling me that his “TD show is over”
  5. Just because I yell louder doesn’t necessarily mean that my toddler will listen…however if I pick up my flip-flop, I have his undivided attention! I promise the flip-flop has not made connection with his buns that many times but he gets it now….”it” being, mommy aint playing anymore.
  6. I can have an entire conversation with the moose and ostrich that live in my entry hall. We talk to them everyday. They are our friends, and thank goodness mommy doesn’t have to clean up after them too.
  7. I have become creative in answering the question ‘why?’
  8. Potty training should not be pushed when there is a new-born in the house. I know that my child will not attend kindergarten in diapers, therefore, we will not force the issue with “big boy” undies that he can pee right out of—> another event that will guarantee the baby to start crying and want your undivided attention
  9. When the hubs works all day and comes home to say he’s had a long day and needs to relax —> sorry bubs you have just entered Chaotic town and I am taking a vacation in the form of a shower…by myself, no 2-year-old with toys in tow….and it might just take me 20-30 minutes. Welcome home honey!!!
  10. At the end of the day when all are ready to crash, there is nothing sweeter than a 2-year-old saying his prayers…God bless mommy…and then he includes everyone else, including the Backyardignins.

I absolutely adore my children. They are my world, along with the hubs of course…his antics are a whole other blog. 🙂 The most important lesson I learned this summer is that I was not built to be a stay at home mom. I give kudos to those women who can do it! I do believe that it is the most underpaid job in the world.  I am a working mom who misses her children dearly during the day and can’t wait to rush home to see them…all the while keeping my sanity by not being a stay at home mom.

Life is great!


It has been a bit since I have written. Life has been crazy! We welcomed Maddox Kristine into our lives July 3rd. She is the sweetest little peanut. The hubs, Jax and I are completely in love with her. She has been a really great little one. I get up about 2-3 times a night to feed her and then she goes right back to sleep.

I honestly feel completely blessed. God is good to us and we feel honored to have such wonderful children. Jax is doing good, but he has his outburst moments. I am not sure if he is jealous or just being 2 1/2…or both!

We are starting potty training on Monday! I bought him big boy undies and I am going to make him a potty sticker chart. Please give us your prayers and I am completely open to suggestions…How did you potty train your little one?