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Shout out to my coaches


For those of you that are blessed to have a coach in your life, this is for you.
For those that are coaches, this is a huge thank you.
For those that don’t understand the role or duty of a coach, I hope this sheds some light.

As a wife of a coach I have come to understand the reason, want and need for these men and women to get into this field. It’s not just about having a love for sports, although that helps. It’s not just about knowing the game, even though that is beneficial. It truly is about passion. Passion for the game…passion for the competition…passion for the kids. I have never seen a group of people have more love, compassion, and high expectations for kids than coaches.

Some have no idea what it takes, or what these individuals do (and sacrifice) for their profession.

~ The hours the coaches put in are crazy. They are usually the first people at school and the last to leave. Their cars are the ones up at the gym on Saturdays and Sundays. I honestly can say coaches sleep a fraction of the time they are breathing. The rest of the time, especially when in season, is spent working or thinking about work, or many times worrying about their athletes. Are they passing classes? Are they behaving? Are they staying out of trouble on the weekends?

~Coaches are a second set of parents to our young men and women. As educators and coaches, they see kids more hours during the day then the athletes’ own parents. They walk the halls making sure the kids are behaving, passing classes and maintaining that level of expectations set forth by their code of conduct.

~sacrifice. This is one thing coaches and their love owns have to accept. They sacrifice the time with their own family. Many times my husband does not see his kids to bed because of the hours he puts in. Often he gets home after dinner and has little time with them before bed. Honestly I struggle with this, but I know in my heart that what he does is making huge differences in the young men he is coaching.

I learn something new everyday from the coaches that I have in my life. I not only have a husband in the profession but some of my best friends are coaches. It’s not just the thrill of the win that makes what they do satisfying (although that is always nice). It’s more than that. Watching their athletes grow as people. Watching them understand rules, expectations and duty. Teaching them how to make sacrifices for the team. And at the end of the season looking back and seeing their own sacrifices were all worth it. Win or lose.

Jason, Michelle, Billy, Lisa, AC, Tiffany, Randy, John, Ben, Marty, Steve, Staci, Mark, and the many more that I am blessed to know…this is for you. Thank you.

Have you thanked a coach today?