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Here’s to a better me….



Those that know me know that I am always looking for the next best thing on nutrition. I was a vegetarian for nearly 2 years and I tried the vegan thing for about 6 months (too damn difficult in our society). I enjoy being healthy and trying my best to choose the healthiest option the majority of the time. I have heard a lot about raw food nutrition and juicing; however, I had never tried it.

Until today…. One of the Yoga instructors at the studio I go to in Granbury, Vitality Yoga, told our class about Barefoot Market, a juice bar and nutrition store. I had some time to kill today so I loaded the kids up and went to check it out. YUMMY!!! I had carrot, spinach, kale, and oranges juiced together. Delicious and it truly was filling. they also have a natural food market that is stocked with awesome goodies.

Thank goodness I liked it because we had already purchased a juicer two days ago….I’m patiently awaiting its arrival.

I also am about to start reading Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet. I will keep you all posted and share recipes as I try out different blends. Please share if you have experiences as well!


Happy Father’s Day




Happy Father’s Day to not only a wonderful husband, but an amazing father and companion. Jason Hill, if you have not had the pleasure of meeting, is the nicest, kindest, loving person that I have ever known. After Jason and I had our babies, he changed. I didn’t think that this loving man could be anymore compassionate, but he is.

What is so awesome is that we have 2 children, yet he has hundreds of other children. Yikes…you may say, but Jason has been a coach and father figure to his athletes for the past 13 years. The differences he has made in their lives is unimaginable. I had an adjustment period that I experienced when I became a coach’s wife. Long nights, early mornings, occupied mind….but to know the difference he is making and to see the values and lessons he teaches these young men, it’s truly a beautiful thing.

Many do not see or may not know what all it takes to be in a coaching life…I can’t begin to explain it. Just know that God knew what He was doing when He made Jason Hill into Coach Hill. I and my children are better off because of it.

I would love to hear the impact or difference he has made in your life.

We love you Daddy!!!


Fifty Shades of other stuff


It’s back!!!!! My modem arrived and my Wifi is back up and surging again….very similar to my uhhhh…imagination.

Since I have had to acknowledge my hiatus from True Blood I have been spending all some of my time reading the elusive new book series, Fifty Shades. Let’s just say its been leisure time well spent..double wink!

Other than that, my summer vaca has not been overly exciting. Spending time with the kids is amazing, when they aren’t yelling at each other or crying! Poor guy-the hubs-he works so much during the first part of the summer.

So now the wifi is working, boys are out on the course, sister is down….time for Bill, Sookie and Eric!!! Bye for now

I needed this!


It is nights like I had last night that make life so enjoyable! Some of my favorite women and myself enjoyed a GNO (Girls night out) at a local winery. We packed up some cheese, fruit and crackers and headed to Sangria Thursday. We could have been eating anything and drinking water(but the wine made it even better)…it was the company of these kind hearts that I love the most.


We are all in different stages of life, different styles, interests…all married, most with kids. It is what each individual brings to that table that makes it awesome. Our stories, viewpoints and humor…pretty sure we ran off three sets of people that dared sit next to ours are so different, although intertwined just so that it just works!

The evening concluded yet the memories are set…and awesome memories they are.

A little bit is ok with me


I write for myself…I write for others. I blog hoping thinking others may read. When I look at my stats and see that I average 5 views a day…that makes me happy. I hope to reach out…expand my audience. Please feel free to join..share…visit my site. I am very open to suggestions. And please comment!!! Thank you to my loyal readers. I appreciate you all very much.

Imperfect really is perfect



Every morning I wake up, go to the bathroom and trudge to the scales. I patiently await the numbers to see what it will tell me today:
– hey lady…that extra serving of _____ has left you with a few extras ounces/pounds
– the past weekend indulgences will take a couple days to disappear

Moving off the scale, I head to the kitchen to make a much needed cup of morning coffee.



In front of the bathroom mirror I inspect myself. I, honestly, weigh about the same (some days less) than I did before Ladybug but it is in all different places. When will this extra skin go away? Is it possible to move the excess from my thighs farther north? (if you know what I mean)
It wasn’t really until today…right at this moment… that I realized I am the way I am now because of the two amazing beings that are playing together as I type. It is because I was given the gift of motherhood that my “imperfections” really are perfections.

Now don’t mistake this for an excuse to not continue to improve my health and well being BUT I think that I just may give my exhausted scale some time off for a bit.


Patience at its best…


SO lately i have been working on my value of patience. It is really hard sometimes. When a friend lashes out over events that seem so petty, when I have to repeat my directions to my class AGAIN, when a job interview goes so strange and all I can do is wait, and when I pray over an event…and not sure when OR if it will be answered. This is all testing and keeping my patience in check.

All I keep telling myself is that none of this is in my hands. I am not in control of this situation. It is all up to God. I am learning, and it is a work in progress, to close my eyes and say this prayer.

Lord, I pray that you help me remain patient through the events that are taking place. It is not in my hands Lord. I lift it up to you and know that your will be done. Continue to help me grow Lord and learn that it is all out of my control. In your loving name,


Freedom never felt this good…


I knew it was coming…I just didn’t know when I would start feeling the effects. Well, the time has come and though I am not completely there, I am starting to feel the freedom.

  • FREEDOM from baby weight. After my second round of the 24 Day Challenge by Advocare, I am sitting at a healthy 124 lbs and now I am looking to put on muscle. I am actually at peace with my body…but there is always room for improvement, right??? Here is a before and after pic of my journey. I am very pleased with the results. CClick —>; 3 months time I am actually ready for bathing suit shopping!
  • FREEDOM from debt. Although we are not debt free now, we are well on our way. I feel very confident in this company. I foresee us being completely debt free (with the exception of the mortgage) this time next year! I have to see and believe it for it to happen.

I have never felt this passionate about an endeavor in my life, and the Lord knows I have tried a multitude of things. What other company can I be a part of that not only helps others, but also helps my feel good and helps me not have to worry about finances so that I can be the wife and mother I am intended to be.

Thank you to all those individuals that have helped me along the way. Not only my AdvoCare family, but those that believe in me and understand my why! TO those unbelievers, no worries…you only make me work harder. I have faith on my side and that’s all I need. Correction on second photo…should say Feb 2012!

Spaghetti squash…alternative to pasta


So I have heard about spaghetti squash but I had never actually seen it…until I went to HEB and saw a tasty sample kiosk featuring it. I thought what the heck…I’m always up for trying something different.
So tonight was the night to try it and it was REALLY good. I am blessed with a husband who will try anything I cook at least once…he ended up liking it! I promised I wouldn’t completely replace pasta but he was pleased with the outcome.
I was really pleased with how easy it was!

Step one: slice the squash length wise and scope out the seeds and stringy mess in the middle (like a pumpkin)


Step two: brush with olive oil and bake at 350 for 40 mins.

Step three: carefully (it’s hot) use a fork to scrape the meat from the shell…creating the noodle like contents


Step four: add contents to complete meal…tonight we had marinara with black olive and artichoke hearts topped with baked salmon = amazing!!!


A typical serving of whole wheat pasta is about 210 calories…a serving of spaghetti squash is 45 calories!

What is your favorite meal that is low cal?

Day 1 of 24


As many of you know..the hubs and I have become AdvoCare advisors! These products are amazing! Not only to lose weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We started the 24 Day Challenge today. Day 1 – no coffee, no wine!!! I thought..uh oh this is gonna be tough but it wasn’t!!! At all!!! I felt great!
I was having the hardest time with my last bit of baby weight. I had hit a plateau. I have 2 kids, one of which is an infant, when do I have time to really workout. I can get some workouts in but I needed that extra help. Enter AdvoCare! I have seen it work with others so here I am ready to banish those last lbs and inches!

“Moo”ve over meat


Tomorrow will officially mark 3 weeks the hubs and I have been meat free. I have also given up chose not to eat, for the most part eggs and dairy. I do not scrutinize labels, but if it mostly egg or dairy, count me out. Let me tell ya, I have never felt better. I have lost 7 lbs, sleep great every night, wake up energized and I never hit that 2pm slump. To make it even better, my 3 month old daughter, whom I nurse, has not projectiled spit up since the dietary switch.

It was suggested to me to watch “Forks over Knives” ummmm….if you never want to eat an animal byproduct again…watch this documentary. I highly suggested it for everyone. I had no idea some of the side effects of meat, dairy and eggs. WOW!!!!

What is so fantastic…the food we eat now. So many choices and yummy flavors. My evening cooking is like a fun science experiment. All the new things I have tried. I am so lucky and blessed to have a husband that will try anything I cook at least once. If he doesn’t like it, he kindly requests that I do not make that again. BUT at least he tries it. I can’t wait to see my blood work next time I visit the doctor.

I would love to share my recipes or you share yours!!!! Here’s to a great lifestyle of eating good for you foods!!! now I just need to find the time to workout! That’s a topic for another day!