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This is why I love Stella & Dot


I know many of you have heard me talk about or seen me wearing the jewelry line Stella & Dot.

I was looking to make a few extra bucks, but it wasn’t until my sister-in-law introduced me to Stella & Dot, I realized that I could make a few extra dollars, have great jewelry and spend time with great ladies.

Upon first hearing about it, many people say…”ugh, that pyramid scheme will get you no where.” I’m here to tell you….this is not the pyramid company of the 70s everyone remembers. And the Wall Street Journal said it all in their article. http://emoney.allthingsd.com/20110110/sequoia-bets-37-million-on-modern-day-mary-kay-stella-dot/?mod=ATD_search

Read it and enjoy! I am so proud of this company and the ladies that it helps!


Happy New Year!!!!


SO….I know that I said that I would blog more and I really did mean it. It just amazes me how life just jumps right in and gets in the way. One of my New Years’ resolutions (that I don’t intend to break) will be to write more. So we shall see.

So far 2011 has been pretty good to me. I enjoyed a much-needed break from work and spent the days with son and hubs. We did a whole lot of nothing for 2 weeks….it was glorious. Now that school is back in session, Jax (and I) have adjusted to me leaving the house every morning. Man….I can’t imagine how hard it will be to leave the house when there are two precious angels chanting…Mama…Mama…Mama as I head out the door, tears in check. That will be another bridge to cross when I get there.

We did find out last week that our new bundle of joy is a little girl, Maddox Kristine. The hubs and I are very excited…and when the first news excitement wore off a bit, we realized…OH MY GOODNESS….we are having a girl. That means: dress up, make-up, boys coming over to pick her up for dates…the worry set in a bit. It’s weird because I didn’t have those worries at all when I was pregs with Jax. At least she will have a protective big brother to help watch out for her….Poor thing, her social life will stink! Score one for mom and dad!!! (just kidding…kind of)

I wish you all a productive and prosperous 2011…..as I conclude I want to also share another of my resolutions that I hope to keep. That is furthering my jewelry business. This really is a fantastic company and I really would like to see myself succeed. When you get a chance, take a look at the products, they are beautiful and very affordable. http://www.stelladot.com/ammiehill

What an “Un”normal weekend!!!!


So….this weekend has been crazy from the start. On Friday, I had to get all my Stella & Dot jewelry ready for a fashion show I was doing on Saturday. (BTW, I also sell Stella & Dot jewelry, check it out www.stelladot.com/ammiehill) I was helping my girlfriend out who was hosting the show….check her out at www.lolaverde.com  Gorgeous shirts…she WILL be famous one day…I can feel it!

So Saturday was the fashion show….it was fantastic. So exciting. After the show, her special guests from Dallas Chic Fest invited me to be a part with my girlfriend. How exciting!  They also invited all her models to be a part of a fashion shot for LolaVerde next weekend….pinch me!!! Is this really happening? A good friend took pictures of the show so as soon as he posts them, I will share!

The craziest news of all….well, I have known about it longer than the weekend….I’m pregnant again. Very excited! Looks like I will be due in the middle of July. Will know more when I have my doctors appt. in a week and a half.