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It’s not me…it’s you.



Dear Facebook,

I feel that our time together is getting bothersome and irritating. It’s not me…it’s you. I am exhausted with the many ads, likes and CRAP! I really do not care if my “friend” likes a particular shoe brand…fastfood chain…or Bible verse of the day. I am done seeing the latest gripe about someone’s parents, spouse, child,  day, etc…

I plan on keeping you around for a bit…using you, if you will. I need to for the simple fact that I would like my pictures to still be accessible. Also, I plan on using you a bit more so that I have people’s contact info if needed. I however, will not be posting anymore status updates, on purpose that it. Some of my other apps may post. I know that this may cause you to miss me but it is just better this way.

For all of our mutual friends….you can reach me at my Twitter account @normalgirltales    or instagram – ammiehill   or email – ammiehill@gmail.com


Please do not send me emails, I am done with our relationship! You have been erased from my apps and my desktop. I hope you understand!





Thankful Thursday ~ L.O.V.E.


There is a big joke in my family. Ammie LOVES everything. My brother-in-law always teases me; if I am really excited about something, the words you will LOVE it always passes my lips. But the truth is…I DO LOVE … A LOT!

L – Laughter – The laughter in my world is amazing. My laughter, my kids, my friends and my family. I have one of those laughs that is loud and deep in my belly. It feels good to laugh so hard that tears stream down my face.  My kids and their antics are hilarious. The words that come out of my son’s mouth are classic. I REALLY should keep a journal of his new sayings! Life is meant to be loved.

O – Observation – Just being still and observing life and the love that is all around. One of my intentions nearly everyday is to just be still and observe. Life is meant to be loved.

V – Vivacious – I love being lively in spirit. It is very rarely that I get and stay in a bad mood. I am human, I get upset, but I get over it. There is only a  certain number of minutes in my life that I get to spend with my friends and family. It would not be fair to my children and my husband if I were to be in a foul mood the majority of the time. I PREFER to see the glass as half full all the time! Life is meant to be loved!

E – Espresso – hahaha….coffee, along with the other fine things in life is supposed to be enjoyed. I tried to give it up…then I asked myself WHY???? Why would I deprive myself of the riches of coffee, or wine, or delicious food smothered in butter???? I have learned the importance of quanitity….not deprivation. Life is meant to be loved.

Love what you see. Love who you are. Love those around you.


What is it about life that you truly love?

I needed this!


It is nights like I had last night that make life so enjoyable! Some of my favorite women and myself enjoyed a GNO (Girls night out) at a local winery. We packed up some cheese, fruit and crackers and headed to Sangria Thursday. We could have been eating anything and drinking water(but the wine made it even better)…it was the company of these kind hearts that I love the most.


We are all in different stages of life, different styles, interests…all married, most with kids. It is what each individual brings to that table that makes it awesome. Our stories, viewpoints and humor…pretty sure we ran off three sets of people that dared sit next to ours are so different, although intertwined just so that it just works!

The evening concluded yet the memories are set…and awesome memories they are.

A little bit is ok with me


I write for myself…I write for others. I blog hoping thinking others may read. When I look at my stats and see that I average 5 views a day…that makes me happy. I hope to reach out…expand my audience. Please feel free to join..share…visit my site. I am very open to suggestions. And please comment!!! Thank you to my loyal readers. I appreciate you all very much.

Just when I thought it was about to hit the fan..


Here they come! Those tried and true. Everyone has them. Those elite people that know everything about you…I mean everything. They are the ones that you would trust your life with. They are the ones no matter what has happened they are going to be honest and unbiased yet preserve your relationship.
There are people in my life that are superficial and pretend to be good friends…I still value their company…but they aren’t the ones that you know deep down will come rescue you when you are in a heap of trouble.
As I grow and discover more of myself…I learn to keep the nonjudgmentals closer. They may not be like me. They may have different beliefs than me, but I know that I can be myself around them…even if we don’t talk all the time. And for that…I love them dearly!!!