Quick post…quick salad


Great side dish to take to social summer gatherings! Tasty, healthy and unique. Enjoy!!

3 peaches…pitted and cut into chunks
8 oz. mozzarella balls- halved
Basil…about 1 cup torn in pieces

Mix together in a bowl
Drizzle with about 2 tbsp o olive oil
Pinch of sea salt
Dash of cracked black pepper
MIX and refrigerate to marinate about an hour



About talesofanormalgirl

I am just a "normal" girl from Texas. I have a wonderful family, hubs (married in 08), son (born in 09) and daughter (born in 11) and another daughter (born in 14). I am an Assistant Principal at a local high school and in my spare time I love to write. I also say I will write more when more time is available. Well, time is starting to become more available. I hope you enjoy.

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